Monday, November 17, 2008

Entry 2 - Conditions in the Trenches.

Im successfully recruited in the British Army, I am sent to the Western Front, Luxembourg, we had to dig a trench in the cold, wet soil. It was something I definitely sign up for. Life was hard, we had to stay in the soil when it rained, we had to keep out heads down, we cannot put our heads up without risk of being sniped. Life was very hard, the toilets were very messy, the housing was, we lived in small houses dug out into the soil right behind the trenches called "Dugouts". It was very difficult to keep clean, I've seen my comrades have trench foot, where their foot grows strange poxes or something deforming their foot, eventually killing them. Our sergeant told us to change socks when possible, as trench foot was caused by really wet feet, without drying. We only had tinned meat called bully beef, which was hard to eat. Many of my comrades have died on their first day as a result that they have been sniped. Lots of the other soldiers were killed because of diesease. Rats were also a problem, lice were also infesting in the soldier's clothes. There was usually blood everywhere in the trenches, sometimes there were corpses of dead men inside the trenches and outside at no-man's land. Despite the food being bad, it always felt so good to have something to eat.
I thought that life was better, where we stayed in barracks rather than in trenches, now I start to regret to join the army...